One of the activities of the company is the development, manufacture and installation of advertising structures. Our production capabilities and many years of experience of the company's specialists guarantee high quality and reliability when working with such complex objects as steles, roof installations, dimensional light signs, complex design of building facades, cladding of facades with composite panels, gas station design, installation of canopies, canopies and entrance groups.

Our specialists will help you to Orient in a wide range of modern materials, technologies, approaches, will help you to choose the best price and quality design and technological solution, based on your wishes to the appearance of the advertising structure, its production time and cost.

Signs, panel-mounting brackets.

Roof structures

Light boxes, large letters

Neon sign

Steles, overall structures

Vehicle branding


PANEL BRACKET is a small advertising design (almost the same illuminated signs or light box), which bracket is fastened only from one side to the wall, electric pole, self support, etc. Is a panel on the bracket perpendicular to the building. The design itself can have two or more advertising surfaces.

Production of panel-brackets differs from standard light boxes, as due to the increased wind load it is necessary to use more durable materials. In addition, the use of two advertising surfaces imposes restrictions on the minimum thickness to improve the light scattering and uniformity of the internal illumination.

The advantages of the panel-brackets include the fact that the advertising fields of the design are oriented perpendicular to the flows of cars and pedestrians, which ensures high efficiency of the impact on the audience. Also a plus is the presence of the panel-bracket two advertising planes that allows you to see the image from two opposite sides. The bracket panel can have both external and internal illumination, which also works to improve efficiency. Panel-brackets can be placed in any area, on bridges, embankments, in parks and tunnels, getting to the desired target audience. A new generation of three-way panel brackets can be located on city lighting poles and in places where the use of other advertising structures is impossible or impractical. Panel-brackets are weather- resistant, as in their manufacture are used materials, which are able to withstand large temperature changes: from -30 to +40 degrees Celsius.

ROOF INSTALLATIONS are advertising structures installed on the roof of the building and considered to be one of the most complex, expensive, prestigious and effective types of transit advertising.

Roof installations can be three-dimensional letters, a light box or a composition of several boxes, both without use, and with use of internal or external illumination. Usually roof installations are carried out in the form of a company logo or brand.

he design of the roof installation is characterized by high weight, high technical complexity, resistance to large wind loads and the presence of special power supply systems. The roof structure is most often a three-dimensional light letters, banner cloth or light box on a metal frame, which should be securely attached to the roof surface. The height of the roof structure is usually 1-5 meters (high altitude is fraught with windage). The length depends on the content of the advertisement and the the customer’s requarements.

The basis of roof construction - l-shape (or other desired angle) welded sections of steel pipe and connected by a cross pipe having on its "feet" sections of concrete blocks-tightening weight, which gives stability. Also, the design may include internal or external lighting on the external brackets. For the non-illuminated plane as a basis, laminated plywood (or galvanized steel) is used, on which a vinyl film or vinyl banner is applied.

Roofs installments aimed at pedestrians as well as motorists. The most sutable for the installation of roof advertising are the buildings located on the most important streets, avenues and highways.



The LIGHT BOX - is a sign with internal illumination. Most often, the light box has the shape of a rectangle and can have almost any size.
Our production facilities and technologies allow us to produce not only light boxes of standard rectangular shape, but also all kinds of complex shapes and configurations, for example, in the form of images, signs and logos. Methods of mounting the light box are varied and depend on the specific installation site. The light box can be installed on the wall of the room or suspended from its ceiling, on the facade of the building or on its roof, as well as mounted on a separate support (column).

As the front surface of the standard light box, a light-transmitting plastic (acrylic glass or polycarbonate) or a translucent banner is used. If the overall dimensions of the box do not exceed 2x3 meters, the choice is made in favor of acrylic glass. Advertising light boxes of large size are made, as a rule, from a translucent light scattering banner. Banner is a reinforced PVC fabric, it is stretched as a "drum" on the inner metal frame of the box, which creates a completely flat and hard surface. The use of the banner allows to produce light boxes of any size. For the application of the advertising information image on the front panel of light box use adhesive vinyl translucent film (applique or color printing).

The side panels of the light box are made of steel or aluminum profile of u-shape, which can be painted in any color by powder method or covered with colored vinyl film. Less often used plastic PVC profile.
As a source of illumination of a light box, as a rule, fluorescent lamps are installed. Also, led modules or neon tubes are used, as this significantly increases the cost of making a light box.


THREE-DIMENSIONAL LETTERS — Large letters can be as used asindependent advertising sign, roof installation, and an integral part of the advertising design.
The sign of three-dimensional letters is considered the most prestigious element of outdoor advertising. In addition, the city authorities are now allowed to place on the street B. Garden only such signs.
Letters can be flat and three-dimensional, without illumination or with internal illumination and contour illumination.
Letters are made of various plastics, aluminum profiles, stainless steel or a combination of these materials.
Neon tubes or LEDs are used to illuminate three-dimensional letters.
It is possible to produce three-dimensional letters, the front part of which is formed by open LEDs. In this case, you can use a variety of led effects.
When using a color light-diffusing acrylic glass and the same color of the internal lighting elements, the glow of three-dimensional letters at night is the most vivid.
in interior three-dimensional foam letters. can be used . Working closely with the Customer, our designers and technologists will be able to offer those three-dimensional letters that will best match the architectural appearance of the building as well as your preferences and budhet


NEON is a gas-discharge lamps, which are hollow tubes, which are filled with neon or other inert gas. Gas when passing an electric current emits a bright glow. Neon is especially good for highlighting large letters and creating neon signs with complex animation effects, as well as for interior lighting.

Although neon signs are highly impressive, today they squeezed out of the market for led signs, in which as light source are light emitting diodes. However, neon will remain the most popular type of modern outdoor advertising for a long time.Neon tubes are connected to the controller, thus obtaining a dynamic advertising design.The diameter of the tubes used is from 6 to 20 mm. in principle, the larger the diameter of the tube, the lower the gas pressure in it and for combustion requires less power transformer.

Often neon is used when it is necessary to make small light letters in which it is impossible to place fluorescent lamps, and when it is necessary to achieve greater brightness. Neon designs come in a wide variety of models. Usually neon is divided into open, closed and contour.
Open neon is when the tubes are in sight and their glow is not hidden by the front panels. Open neon make static and dynamic signs, inscriptions, logos. Outdoor neon allows you to create a bright, dynamic light advertising that perfectly attracts attention.
Closed neon is when the tubes are hidden by the front panels, which creates the effect of uniform illumination. Usually use closed neon in the production of more information light boxes and three-dimensional letters. In the case of using neon for lighting lightboxes pursue several goals: reducing the thickness of the advertising structure, reducing energy consumption, increasing the life of advertising

Neon with a contour is used in the production of neon letters, which gently illuminate the base of advertising. This creates the effect of a halo under the letter. Often used combined use of different types of neon.


STELLA — s an advertising vertical structure in the form of a two-sided box with panels. Stella can be made with both internal lighting and external lighting. Depending on the tasks, choice the design, size and the rest of the configuration of Stella. This type of outdoor advertising is stationary and mobile.
Stationary - a high stele, which is mounted on a concrete base(the size of the stella 1,2×8m). Mostly stationary Stella used at gas stations..
Mobile is portable stella, they are used mainly in sales rooms and at trade shows.

Usually stellas are places near offices, gas stations, near supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. the Style of Stella depends on the style of the advertiser.

Stella can be flat or round(streamlined shape). Round panels are more expensive than flat ones and their production time is longer. But this does not stop advertisers, so large companies prefer round stella, because they look more efficient than flat.


BRANDING OF VEHICLES is the promotion of the trademark, brand by pasting cars or any other surface, which is applied to the advertising image, company logo or any other information about the company.

One of the main advantages of such positioning is low cost with high efficiency. For this reason, it is available even to small and medium-sized companies. If the company has its own, albeit a small fleet, the cost of branding buses will be minimal. At the same time, each vehicle can be used for advertising purposes, without spending additional funds for brand promotion.

The high efficiency of such advertising is due to the fact that it attracts the attention of a large number of people who represent a variety of social classes. A bus or a car travel long distanced so after branding, they will be a kind of moving billboards.