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Souvenir production is an object or a set of the objects bearing elements of corporate style of the company-the donator and intended to be given as a gift to partners or clients. Souvenirs can be presented in completely different groups of products, and the elements of corporate identity are applied using different technologies. If a few years ago only companies with an impressive advertising budget could afford to order and present Souvenirs to partners or customers, today the market offers solutions for every taste and income level. Today, business Souvenirs have ceased to be a luxury and as a result more and more companies are turning to suppliers of Souvenirs.

Corporate image products - key chains, pens, ashtrays, telephones, calculators, folders with the company's brand name, etc. — are aimed at the personification, positioning and promotion of a particular company. Image production in use of employees of firm reminds them that the firm "cares and remembers" about them that considerably raises image of the company.

Different kinds of business Souvenirs and image products can be considered in two aspects:

On the one hand, souvenir products are an element of promotional products, partly as a way to implement image advertising, which uses the logo, brand and company details

On the other hand, the use of Souvenirs is an excellent method of public relations to maintain the image of the company and establish business relations.

Use in advertising projects, presentations and PR promotions of image products, stationery or accessories, will not bring great expenses to the company, therefore it will be an effective way to create a positive image and maintain a good reputation, moreover, without a doubt, will have an impact on relations with partners and customers.



TROUBLE-FREE OPERATION OF THE BRAND This type of advertising is a unique and prestigious advertising object. It is unique in a way that, as it seems, the little things often overlooked or considered insignificant. This fact only gives respect to those who are not lazy and decorated their watches with the brand of the company, which shows not only the integrity, but also the prosperity of the organization.

This type of brand advertising is a great gift for an honored employee or customers. In addition to the logo, you can use another image, slogan or inscription, for example, a gift. The one who loves his company and worked on it for many years — the clock with the logo will clearly appeal.

Because the watch is used daily, the brand of your company will be in sight of the client or partner who will be given a souvenir. If the watch is hung in a public place, it will increase brand awareness and the watch will become an independent free advertising platform. In business, the phrase "tell me who your friend is and I'll tell you who you are" has as precise a meaning as nowhere else, so the gift of a watch means much more than it seems at first sight.

The advantages are undeniable — a good souvenir and an advertising object at the same time. Such a brand is prestigious, for example, unlike a branded backpack with a logo, while it effectively advertises the company. If we talk about branded products manufactured in «East-West» company, then the advantages of this type of advertising are added to the strength, durability of the image, as well as the ideal color reproduction.

Production begins with the selection of the watch, which will be printed. If you do not have a suitable watch, then «East-West» company will help you to choose the manufacturer and design, so that it matches the style of your company. The image on the clock, as well as on the stick is applied with a self-adhesive film, which is cut in a plotter machine, and printed on a full-color offset or digital printer.


Promotion form is an important component of any promotion Promo form is a special clothing for promotions, often performed in corporate colors with elements of the company's brand attributes. The form is designed to focus on promotional staff views of passers - by and potential customers, to create the company's image. The promo form is always made individually, it can be used both for a separate promotional event, and for permanent use in order to promote a certain product or service.

Promo clothing is an integral part of most BTL projects. A single style of clothing to all the promoters, strict adherence to corporate colors, a neat and representative appearance, able to draw attention to the most humble and inexpensive promotions. The range of use of such clothing is very wide. Often brightly dressed and presentable promoters can be found working for exhibitions, product launches, shopping malls, DIY stores, with the purpose of doing political agitation on the streets.

In the field of marketing, clothing for promoters is a very important attribute of any promotional activity. This is more a psychological move that can inspire confidence in the buyer. A person is much more influenced by emotions than he thinks. A memorable bright image can contribute to the fact that any product, even the most popular, can be associated with only one brand. The promotion form is designed to create a similar mood in the public.

Clothing for promotions carries practical value. A person dressed in a uniform with a logo can be contacted by the buyers of the outlet for information about the product. Then, the personal qualities of the staff will help to tranfer the dialogue on a productive theme for the company.

Thanks to our Agency, any promotion will be interesting and effective, and our promotion will look spectacular.


Beautiful souvenir packaging - not only a worthy decoration of any, even the most modest gift. This is an opportunity to give it a certain mystery, to extend the time of anticipation of a miracle-until the moment when the gift itself will be in the hands of the recipient. Packaging is used to give gift sets a more attractive look. This, of course, increases the total cost of the goods, but, as experience shows, most consumers prefer to buy as a gift more expensive things, already decorated by manufacturers, and not to pick up boxes of suitable size in the packaging departments. In addition, gift packaging, made with the application of a certain image - is a familiar attribute of the new year gift.

In today's Russian market gift packaging is represented by several types of goods: boxes, paper and plastic bags.
BOXES of different sizes and configurations help beautifully decorate Souvenirs, dishes, clothes, cosmetics, stationery, toys - almost any item or set of items that you have chosen as a gift. Modern production of this kind of packaging allows to meet all the requirements and tastes of consumers. Tray-type cartons and boxes, complex shaped designs and patterns with a sample window is probably the most effective option of packaging.

Packages - a simple and affordable way to each gift design. They are convenient because they do not have a rigid structure, and therefore they can be called versatile packaging. Equipped with handles, packages are not only a means of decorating a gift, but also a convenient container for carrying it and delivering it directly to the recipient. In addition, as well as boxes, high-quality paper or plastic bags can be successfully used after the holiday. Thus, the packaging becomes an additional gift-not only beautiful, but also practical.


The MENU - is a key part of any restaurant. After all, the sales and the impression of the restaurant depend on how the menu looks. The menu is part of the image. It is responsible for causing the client's appetite and arousing his desire to order a dish. Designers of our company will offer you options for design and layout of the menu in accordance with the corporate style, the target audience and the concept of the institution. And also develop an original design for seasonal, national and children's menus, cocktail, tea and coffee, dessert cards, bar and wine cards, hookah menu, karaoke menu. Managers and designers will offer you the best option (from budget to premium solutions) used in the manufacture of menu materials, methods of printing and post-printing processing. Menu views: single-page menus (one-way and two-way) menu-booklets multi-page menus on paper clip, spring, rings, screws folders-menu Materials used in the production of the menu: simple coated paper, designer paper, cardboard, synthetic paper, tracing paper, leatherette, leather, plastic, wood, metal. Types of printing and post-printing processing: laminating, thermopalye (convex image), embossing, fractional UV coating, foil stamping, cutting, engraving, rounded corners.


advertising Polygraphy

Printing (printed) products are the main means of mass media and communication between people, a powerful tool for the promotion of political and scientific knowledge , a means of political struggle and expression of public opinion also it’s seen as keeper of spiritual values of all ages and all peoples. Currently produced printed products are very diverse in their form, specific purpose, timing of publication, technical execution. Printing product divided into the following types: - promotional; - representative (business); - book and magazine; - calendar. Let us dwell in more detail on the first category – advertising, which is the most voluminous. Promotional products carries the idea to attract potential customers, as well as to distribute the information.

  • Business card
  • Booklets
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures/ catalogues
  • Calendars
  • Envelopes
  • Posters
  • Notepad